View Full Version : Front and Rear Lens Cap Sizes for 47mm Schneider Super Angulon XL F5.6?

Tim Layton
3-Jul-2015, 18:24
Hi, I am trying to find the sizes of the front and rear lens caps for the 47mm Schneider Super Angulon XL F5.6.

Any help, appreciated.


Alan Gales
3-Jul-2015, 19:04

Tim, if you look under specs it says 54mm slip on cap for the front. It doesn't mention the rear but looking at it I wonder if there was one.

Tim Layton
3-Jul-2015, 19:17
Hi Alan, thanks for the reply. I learned from a friend that the info on the B&H site is actually wrong. But thank you for the info.

Alan Gales
3-Jul-2015, 19:35
Ok, I'll try again. Ken Rockwell says 70mm slip on front cap. No mention of rear cap again.


3-Jul-2015, 19:47
70mm front (2 3/4"), 63.5mm rear (close enough to 2 1/2"). Measure your own.

For the nth time. Tim it is a good idea to get a decent caliper, or at least a straight-edge with mm markings. They are not expensive.


3-Jul-2015, 19:53
70mm Front... 63.5mm Rear...

Front: 70mm. Rear: 63.5mm.


Best regards, -Tim.