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3-Jul-2015, 09:20
Ok so I priced a lensboard adapter for a KMV 8x10 to Linhof. I was quoted 360 total plus shipping. This seems excessive for something like this. Anybody have a do it yourself guide or know of a good alternative for a adapter?

3-Jul-2015, 12:58
Hello Jason, I have made two Linhof adapter boards for my 8X10 cameras. Both times I have used Sinar to Linhof adapter boards, one was a flat board and the other time it was a recessed board. Either board has to be trimmed down to fit on top of the KMV board. This project may seem simple but it does requires careful planning to properly layout the parts to be trimmed away on the adapter board and there isn't much room for error. You will need power tools or someone with access to a machine shop as you are working with metal. Also the KMV board will need to have the proper size hole and the hole will need to be properly aligned with the adapter board. So once you have the adapter board trimmed to the proper size, place it on top of the KMV board and use it to mark the hole on the KMV board. When cutting the hole on the KMV board you have to be very careful not to damage the KMV board as the metal is thin and soft and can be easily bent or dinged. Once everything is tested to fit, I used black silicone adhesive between the boards to make sure there are no light leaks and then I also riveted the boards together to make sure that they don't come apart during extreme temperatures. By the way it took me 18 months to get the parts at the right price, this project is not for the faint of heart, one mistake could be costly and if you are not mechanically inclined one mistake in design and you could end up with your lens falling off of the camera. That thought did cross my mind, hence the use of both adhesive and rivets.

3-Jul-2015, 13:30
This is my KMV board, it was made from the Sinar recessed Linhof adapter board.


4-Jul-2015, 08:56
Thanks for the replies. Im gonna give it a go doing it myself. Again thx for the replies