View Full Version : How can I replace 'dead' spirit levels on a Calumet CC-401?

3-Jul-2015, 08:42

Does anyone know how to replace the spirit levels on a Calumet CC401?

Both spirit levels have ‘lost their bubbles’ but I cannot access to them to replace with new units – assuming items of appropriate dimensions can be obtained.

I’ve removed the stepped screws that holds the strap in place, but the ‘covers’ under which the spirit level bubbles are situated (??) do not move at all – I do not like forcing things when I’m uncertain.

Two nubbins penetrate the underside of both sides of the rear standard which are detectable by finger tip when the bellows have been fully extended.

As usual any help is welcome.


3-Jul-2015, 08:50
This might help: http://photo.net/large-format-photography-forum/00O6zI
It's for Sinar levels, but the idea should be the same, if you can't find actual replacement levels.

3-Jul-2015, 12:58
Thank you, but my primary question is how do I get 'at' the existing spirit levels.

I know I can get 'new' spirit level vials from eBay, but before I do that I need to access the defunct ones to get the dimensions.

If I cannot get new ones to fit whatever 'nest' they sit in, then the link you have provided is beneficial to solving the problem.

regards and thanks again

3-Jul-2015, 17:48
First guess would be to remove the back or just push the bellows a bit out of the way and feel for any screw heads below where the levels are mounted.