View Full Version : Help removing frozen front element on aluminum 14" LD artar in Barrel

3-Jul-2015, 00:03
Anyone have experience or an Idea how to free a frozen front element on aluminum 14" LD artar in Barrel

alex from holland
4-Jul-2015, 12:13

Maybe this trick will work.

4-Jul-2015, 13:29
Aluminum is easy to deal with since it is so responsive to temperature. Cool the male coupling and heat the female coupling. The change in dimension should help unfreeze the barrel.

Jim C.
4-Jul-2015, 13:34
Aluminum corrosion is awful, the aluminum oxide is like glue.
Your best bet is use a penetrating oil that's used to free rusted bolts, apply sparingly,
use mild heat, and re-apply, if you can reach the inside apply there too,
repeat till the element will unscrew. A pair of soft jaw pliers or a lens wrench will help.
Patience is the key, it may take a few days.

Good luck !

Jim Noel
4-Jul-2015, 15:43
Alex' trick has worked more than once for me.

4-Jul-2015, 16:10
I got it loose, sent it to the freezer for a couple hours then used a wide rubber band to grip the front lens.

Now to find a shutter, cannot afford to have it put in a copal #2 if I could even find one. The Lens to shutter table i looked at

has a Gorez f9 14" Artar fitting a copal#3 but I am not sure if the 14" LD Artar is the same dia. does any one know?

thanks for the help.

Tracy Storer
4-Jul-2015, 21:04
I am planning on putting my Schneider 16.5" f/9.5 Red Dot Artar in a Copal #3, not a super tight fit, either, so I suspect you will be OK.