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1-Feb-2005, 14:22
A friend of mine is on a 5 weeks trip in the Himalyas on his own. Backpacking and travelling around with no less than 2 Linhof Technika Masters with 4 cammed Rodenstock lenses, a Phillips Compact II 8x10 with 2 Rodenstock lenses - and a whole lot of tri-X.
I have been with him on one of his trips (not a tourist trip,,,!!!) and now he is all alone...

I know that he is checking his emails, Apples website and this site during his trip (when he can find an internet cafe that can read englishWindows XP)

I was thinking that all you guys might want to give him a warm regard on his trip....

Herb Cunningham
1-Feb-2005, 14:50
I just got back from a trip to India and Nepal-we did not go into the areas that the Maoist rebels are in-they did blow up an office building in Kathmandu while we were there, so tell him to be careful.

Frank Petronio
1-Feb-2005, 15:26
tell us more. Anyone who can backpack that to the car, much less 17,000 feet deserves applause!

Jim Rice
1-Feb-2005, 15:37
Hell, I'd be proud just to be able to strap it on and not collapse.

Jay Lnch
1-Feb-2005, 15:43
A friend of mine has made the trip 4 or 5 times with a 8x10. Jeff Botz is his name he can tell him anything he want to know about shooting up there.

bob carnie
1-Feb-2005, 17:10
I would like to tell the Viking Skaal and make sure he gets the interiors.
will be glad to see him here in Canada to fish for Bass and drink lots of beer.
best luck my friend

Ellis Vener
1-Feb-2005, 17:59

Marie Dohoney
1-Feb-2005, 18:34
Please share images!
Stay safe and healthy!

Henry Carter
1-Feb-2005, 20:37
I wish the Tibetan Curtis all the very best during his latest treck . The world will one day marvel at his singular vision.
Not only is he tramping over the roof of the world, but he is doing it during the Tibetan winter...
Skaal my friend!

Ralph Barker
1-Feb-2005, 21:14
That's great, Martin. An e-mail address for your friend might help, though. ;-)

Dick Baznik
2-Feb-2005, 11:47
With all that gear, it ought to be possible to track him via satellite.

Adam Mørk
17-Feb-2005, 06:06
I hope, that you are doing just fine..... Can't wait too see some stunning LARGE negs over a couple of beers in CPH.

all the best - and a lot of very warm regards from one of the boys back home.


jens peter
27-Feb-2005, 12:47
Thanks friends!!

Arrived home yesterday, not being able to read my mail until now.

Lots of snow and very cold weather on this 9'th expedition, fortunately no lost fingers or limbs! Aprox 500 new sheets to be developed.

Backpacking in Tibet during January and Febuary is a team approach, two local hired and very skilled assistants helped me with the 40 kg of equipment. Doing this alone would be stupid and dangerous, they did a great job and deserve credit!

Both Linhofs and Phillips are great equipment, as long as one remember that the Phillips camera is more vulnerable than the Linhof and need more protection. A total of 2 cameras were damaged this time, all lenses survived.

The only big problem with the cold environment is that the equipment gets so cold that the rangefinder window freezes on the linhof if breathing on it. The Phillips 8x10 is nicer to handle, dosent feel as cold due to the materials used - one only have to be carefull when breathing under the focusing cloth, the matte-screen quickly become covered with ice.

To Bob Carnie: Believe I got the images you requested, lets discuss if we go Pyro, or D76 this time!

Martin, Bob, Henry, Adam.... thanks again guys for your greetings and concern - lets go for a beer soon!