View Full Version : Scratches on my 8x10 sheet film

1-Jul-2015, 10:27
I'm shooting with Ilford HP5 and have scrathches on the non-emulsion side. I have since tried developing one at a time, and still see scratches. Any recommendations /suggestions appreciated! Tank development perhaps? I have yet to enlarge these, so that will be the true test. No scratches when I used Tri-X. Very frustrating b/c of the time it takes developing single sheets. I am using an 8x10 tray with 1800 ml of developer.



1-Jul-2015, 10:39
I see scratches on my negatives as well but nothing shows on the prints. No scratches on the emulsion side.

Drew Wiley
1-Jul-2015, 11:37
Take some of your already processes dud negatives that you don't care about and experiment shuffle tray processing with the lights on, so you can see at what
point in the process you are doing this wrong and potentially hitting adjacent sheets with film corners.