View Full Version : Has anyone had Steve Hopf make some ground glass for them in the past few months ?

1-Jul-2015, 08:19
Been trying for a few days to order some GG from him to replace a broken one . Hear great stuff about his glass and service .
maybe he's just on vacation or shooting a project ?

2-Jul-2015, 07:07
Yes he is . Highly recommended . Here's the link .

David Karp
2-Jul-2015, 08:34
He made ground glasses for me. He was very responsive. The GGs were quite good.

2-Jul-2015, 17:42
I ordered a GG from the "new" Deardorff about a year ago +. Took a while to receive it because Deardorff was "out of stock".

After a long wait and a few calls, a package arrived weeks later with Steve Hopf's name and return address.

The glass was very carefully packaged and beautifully made. Hopf makes a quality product and for direct orders, offers several options in types of glass.

David Karp
2-Jul-2015, 18:56
I recommend borosilicate.

3-Jul-2015, 03:24
I ordered a borosilicate ground glass from him not too long ago...very good transaction. If you can't reach him via email then maybe he is on vacation?

3-Jul-2015, 03:59
This is Independece Day weekend here in the US. Many people here take off for a few additional days, sometimes the whole week, to spend time with family and friends or just get away.