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1-Feb-2005, 12:29
Could anyone please tell me what model linhof this is -I got it of an auction the could tell me it was a 6x9 but before I could ask for more details they havve shppied it and it will last about 10 days before I have it and I am qurious to start researching the about the camera - it comes with a 65, 105 and a 180 lens and the roll film back and the other items on the picture you can see on this link
http://www.rhodos.dk/2001/linhof.html (http://www.rhodos.dk/2001/linhof.html)
I have been whanting a linhof folding camera for years and now it seem that I finally got it
so if you know what model, perhaps what years it was build and perhaps if there are any pro/cons - I shoot a lot af Hasselblad and know there are things you do not do in order to avoid jamming - is there any similar things on a linhof - thanks Ruben

Bob Salomon
1-Feb-2005, 13:20
What is the serial number? A picture of the camera would be most helpful. This is either the Super Technika III or IV depending on the back release mechanism. The IV was made from 1956 to 64. For IV models with serial #s under 82674 there are no repair parts so make sure this camera works. Also make sure that all serial numbers match on the lenses, camera and cam.

1-Feb-2005, 15:15
Thanks Bob, I did post a link http://www.rhodos.dk/2001/linhof.html (http://www.rhodos.dk/2001/linhof.html) to pictures of the camera - first two small and then to rather large ones - I hope the link helps -Ruben

Bob Salomon
1-Feb-2005, 16:04
No, need the serial number.

1-Feb-2005, 16:15
thanks again Bob - I will be back when I have the camera and serial number - ruben

J. P. Mose
2-Feb-2005, 15:27

Make sure you read Jason Sanford Greenberg's wonderful write-up on the 6x9 Super Technika III/IV:

http://www.largeformatphotography.info/linhof/technika-23.html (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/linhof/technika-23.html)

JP Mose

2-Feb-2005, 16:00
Thank you JP Mose, I will look forward to read the text while waiting for the camera to arrive- Ruben

J. P. Mose
2-Feb-2005, 16:06

Although Bob will make the final determination by looking up the serial number, my guess is that it's a III without seeing the back. How??? Look you your viewfinder cover....it has "Linhof Technika" stamped on it. All IV's that I have seen have the Linhof badge (colorful shield) with "Technika" under it.

Just a minor picky detail!

JP Mose

8-Feb-2005, 02:38
Hi Bob and all

I have now received the camera

The serial number is 43961 (on the hot shoe)
and the back it is engrave DBP Germany A.P.a.

There is a Xenar 1:3,5 105 sr. 2963429 with 6774049 on the side, a Angulon 1:6,8 sr 2996760 with 7022038 on the side and a Xenar 1:5,6 180 sr 3015176 and 7677998 on the side
The 180 is the only optic were the side number matches the number engraved on the rangefinder weel thingy when you open the camera.

apart from the glass back ther are several sheet film 6½ x 9 holders and two roll film backs

one is a Linhof München Rollex 6 x 9 sr 72042 and the other a linhof Super Rollex sr 20674
The Super rollex is kin af brownish/tan/grey the rest is black leatherette

I can see that there are a lot of possibilities to do wrong with this camera and I would appreciate if ther are any warnings on what not to do you would share

I know that it is a very old camera but I am afraid that cameras form the 1940-50 and early 60 ties are my preference ( I do have modern canon, hasselbald and a fuji gx 680 equipment so i am not a total anacronism trying to set the industry back - just like the old suf :-) )

Bob Salomon
8-Feb-2005, 04:53
1952/53 Technika III

Michael S. Briggs
8-Feb-2005, 14:39
Your lenses are all Schneiders and they can be dated from the table that Schneider has posted on the web: http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/age_of_lenses/ (http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/age_of_lenses/). They are from 1951/1952, consistent with the age of the camera. Schneider's website also has some information on vintage lenses at http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/ (http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/).
If you can read German, the parent company has posted PDF versions of older brochures at http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/archiv/archiv.htm (http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/archiv/archiv.htm).

8-Feb-2005, 17:29
Thanks Bob and Michael - you have put me on the right track to further investigate this great piece of photografica - all the best, Ruben

9-Feb-2005, 13:50
Good luck,
as you say: there are lots of ways to do wrong (but not really harm).
I am still working on how to load my Rollex 6x9 and my Super Rollex 6x7

Could anyone help with a scan of the manual ?
Do I turn the film to the arrow in my hands and place it only then in the back or would i do this transport already in the magazine ?


J. P. Mose
9-Feb-2005, 14:09
Loading a knob type Rollex back:

Here are the loading instuctions quoted from Linhof Practice (1958):


1. Empty spool with toothed ratchet wheel for hand winding

2. Exposure counter window

3. Film transport Knob. 4. Locking knob for automatic exposure counter.

5. Locking slide of adapter cover.


First note that the figure "0" appears in the window (2). Should this not be the case, proceed as follows: Push the locking knob (4) slightly in the direction of the arrow and turn the film transport knob (3) until the number "0" clicks into place.

Next move the locking slide (5) of the adapter in the direction of the arrow and open the cover.

Pull the transport knob (3) outwards, lift out the film carrier and put in the new film by pulling its paper leader to the empty spool (1) inserting the end of the paper in the broad slit of the spool.

Using the toothed ratchet wheel wind the paper leader on the empty spool until the triangular mark on the backing paper appears in the oval window beneath the empty spool.

Place the loaded carrier into the adapter casing by pulling outward the film transport knob (3) letting it snap back into operating position as soon as the carrier is placed.

Close the apapter, push locking knob (4) in the direction of the arrow and turn the film transport knob (3) until it clicks, the number "1" simultaneausly appearing the window.

The first frame will now be in position for exposure. (The dark slide must of course be in closed position during the operation of loading).


JP Mose

9-Feb-2005, 16:01
"Could anyone help with a scan of the manual " Dirk

Oh yes that would be absolutly great if someone had a manual scanned that they would share among us - If it is only as single page scans I would be glad to put it into a nice pdf file

anyone ????????????

By the way - it took me half a day to work out how to get the back of the camera (by pulling 4 metal plates) A bit more fidly than on my fuji :-)