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Virgil Caine
30-Jun-2015, 22:41
I sold my Horseman LE45 (4x5 monorail) to a guy in England, a beginner.

He is now claiming that the camera is faulty because he canīt focus with a 75mm that he has?

The camera performed fine for me, though I only had a 150mm.

Surely the question of focussing is dependant upon the distance between the lens and the ground glass and cannot be a defect of the camera?

He also has the wide angle bag bellows.

Does anyone have any advice/knowledge about this?

Tim Meisburger
30-Jun-2015, 23:22
Probably just a limitation of the camera that the standards cannot get that close together. Plenty of cameras will not focus less than a 90mm. What he needs is a recessed lens board (and some instruction from a knowledgable member).

Lachlan 717
1-Jul-2015, 00:09
My suggestion is to get him/her to check that both standards are facing in. I used a 72mm on my old L45 Horseman, so your old one should take the 75mm.

The standards are not symmetrically mounted. You can remove the bellows, spin the front mounting plate and make the standards closer together.

Just my thoughts on what's stopping this...

DG 3313
1-Jul-2015, 17:12
+1 Flip the standard (s)