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Kevin Crisp
1-Feb-2005, 11:36
Maybe many people already realize it, but I didn't, so I'll make mention of it. Freestyle's shipping rates are NOT based on how much the stuff weighs or how far it is going, they are based on the dollar value of the purchase. I got a big box of paper from them, it must conservatively weigh 35 pounds, and that was $20.99 to ship to my office. (Probably 15 miles from Freestyle as the crow flies, but could be a 90 minute drive during the day.) On a $599 digital camera, which weighs less than a pound, proposed shipping was over $30, which I declined. I'm not sure why they do this, which is unusual, but I guess this could be the retailer of choice for really heavy things that are inexpensive.

Ralph Barker
1-Feb-2005, 11:59
The Freestyle dollar-amount approach was pretty common among mail-order houses back in the '50s and '60s, and has apparently worked well for them on average. For small, light-weight, but expensive items, it's clear that Shipping is probably one of their better profit centers. Too bad Freestyle doesn't carry used Durst 8x10 enlargers at bargain-basement prices. ;-)

1-Feb-2005, 12:03
They don't do that for shipments to Canada anymore. It was great because most of the stuff I wanted from them was cheap and heavy.

Jon Shiu
1-Feb-2005, 12:42
Cheap heavy stuff like mat/mounting board may have additional shipping fees.

Paddy Quinn
1-Feb-2005, 12:59
I ordered a box of Arista 400 8x10 film from them - they wanted as much for the shipping as for the price of the film.

When I double checked prices I found the cost of the Arista (since they have gradually increased its price) was only 4 or 5 dollars less than I would pay for HP5 locally.

In addition, they would not even consider my (siginificantly cheaper) choice of shipper over theirs. Their shipping policy seemed set in stone and had nothing to do with customer service.

If they ever were, and several yeasr ago I used to get very good service and prices from them, they are no longer the friendly bargain store they once were.

I would rather deal with J&C, B&H or even Photowarehouse over Freestyle these days.

1-Feb-2005, 16:33
Seems to me, all of these comments should be directed to Freestyle . . . . . . . .