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28-Jun-2015, 06:21

has anyone informations about compur shutter serial numbers?

there is a list in wikipedia, but it stats with 6digit numbers in 1910, but I have two compur shutters, (dial set, size 0), made after 1912, which have 5 digit numbers?

has anyone seen other data than in wikipedia? thanks!

Dan Fromm
28-Jun-2015, 08:34
Buy a copy of Patrice-Hervé Pont's book Les Chiffres Clés. You want the third edition. FNAC has it.

Pont's Compur shutter chronology starts at 250,000 in 1910.

Don't believe everything you find in Wikipedia.

28-Jun-2015, 09:30
I cant't believe Wikipedia anyway, because this numbers (they are from your source cited) cannot be right, else my two compur would be made years berfore their inventions...
comput came 1912 to the market, and my two oldest definitively have No
No 81780
No 52023

the 8xxxx is a contessa nettel labeled shutter, the cam is clearly from 1925, a sonnar
the 5xxxx came wirth a KW patent etui, but is not original shutter (and lens, Schneider Isconar 1927 dated), as the patent etui came 1930 and mostly had tessars...

Dan Fromm
28-Jun-2015, 09:48
I erred. Pont's Compur chronology starts at 250,000 in 1914 for dial set Compurs. I didn't address it, but he says rim set Compurs were introduced around 1928. Which type are yours?

I haven't read the Wikipedia article, note that Pont advises to use his Compur chronology carefully because there are anomalies.

28-Jun-2015, 11:41
these are two normal Dial set shutters, as I said, the CN should bei 1924/25/26as the "Sonnar" started there and 1926 was the merger and the Sonnar Camera was stopped.

If the Schneider lens is the original lens of the shutter, it also should bei 1926/27 as the Jsconar ist dated 1927 and the schneider data are absolutely valid from the factory itself! Lens has Serial 179xxx.

29-Jun-2015, 02:34
today I got a Dial Set Compur Size 1 with a 4.7 Mio Number, which woulf be, according to the list, 1937...
were the Size 1 Dial sets still built after 1930 (usually from then there are Ring Compurs) or is the numbering system really different to the data...?

The shutter was accompanied by a "Emil Busch Rathenow Glyptar-Anastigmat 4.5/15", obviously a Tessar type lens...

Maybe it is even a relabeled Zeiss Tessar, as both companys had strong relationships these days?

Dan Fromm
29-Jun-2015, 06:00
Pont's chronology says that dial set Compur 1s were last made in 1928, also that there are anomalous serial numbers.