View Full Version : A curious accessory shoe fitment?

26-Jun-2015, 05:05

My Calumet CC401 does not seem to have an accessory shoe fitted.
There is an open-squarish gap on the right hand top side of the front standard (formed when the rising front is in its ‘normal’ position) that will accomodate an accessory?
Apart from this chance configuration, does anyone have any ideas how and where an accessory shoe should, or could, be fitted?
An accessory shoe is desirable since the fitted X&Y spirit levels have lost their bubbles and flash gun(s) need to be connected to the contact on the lens)



26-Jun-2015, 19:26
I've used circular stick-on bubbles. For a shoe, many of the really cheap, plastic fixed focus cameras have cold shoes screwed on - they can be removed and used.