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26-Jun-2015, 00:58
i finaly somehow managed to buy a Shen Hao on an auction! super excited since i was waiting for this since September!
since this will be my first LF camera i will have questions :-)

first one is.. i saw last night that the 405 polaroid backs are almost impossible to find and if u find them they cost 1/2 of what I played for the shen hao.

are there any alternatives for the (small 3x4) fuji polaroid films on graflok backs?
or where except ebay i can look?
im from Berlin.

thanks! can't wait for the shen hao to arrive

26-Jun-2015, 04:27
Plenty of used 405 backs for sale here or on the auction site. They cost what they cost, as they are no longer being made.

26-Jun-2015, 04:43
sadly i can't see the auction part of the forum. :(
if anyone has a 405 back for sale in Europe, pls PM me.

26-Jun-2015, 10:39
The auction site: Ebay. Ebay. Ebay. Just say the word; it won't bite you,

26-Jun-2015, 11:57
$180 on ebay.

26-Jun-2015, 12:03
i saw, but i have always bad experiences ordering from us to eu(customs, delays, disappearance, ... )
I rather find something in europe. but thanks!

27-Jun-2015, 10:31
does anyone have an idea what is this things?
could this be the polaroid 405 back


and what does the digital interface do in this case?

Kevin Harding
27-Jun-2015, 12:06
There appears to be a 405 in there, but there's also a Nikon microscope thing, maybe? I don't read German.

27-Jun-2015, 12:49
It has a polaroid back which is NOT a 405.
Its a microscope kit.