View Full Version : After bleach, but before FSA toner: re-expose ?

24-Jun-2015, 05:10
I regulary use the FSA toner (formamidine sulphinic acid or Thiourea Dioxide, actually not a toner but a re-developer. see Tim Rudmen's Toning Book).

Normally I bleach and re develop in a tray under a low wattage tungsten bulb in my darkroom. Yesterday I processed some long FB panorama prints in a print drum on a Simma roller, and I also bleached, washed and toned in the same drum, so the paper was not exposed to light after the bleach step.

it is my understanding that after the re-halogenisation (I used a sepia bleach with KBr) there is no need to expose the formed AgBr2.

But the final colour came out differently (less warm) than the test strips I made previously under the same circumstances, only difference that I did the test strips in a small tray.

Another possible variable is the amount of bleach and toner used (each 200ml single shot), might have been to little for the drum (60 cm width)
, 50*20 cm FB paper

Any insights?