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21-Jun-2015, 08:02
What are some good hikes with great views for LF photography in MA or NH? I'm planing to go throughout the summer. I was thinking of Mt Greylock and Mt Major. Does anyone else have any recommendations for the Berkshires or White Mountains?

21-Jun-2015, 08:33
Mt Monadnock

21-Jun-2015, 09:06
Kind of depends how strong you are. Like Stone mentioned, Mt Monadnock, the most climbed mountain in the world. Was Fuji until they built a road. Very easy, would be the Wilderness trail, Sabbaday Falls. Other then the likes of Mount Washington, you have Potash, Greeley Ponds, Diana's Bath, Champney Falls, Lonesome Lake. You can drive to the top of Pack Monadnock(Miller State Park). Tons more.

21-Jun-2015, 09:10
Already climbed Mt Monadnock last fall. Beautiful foliage!

Nathan Potter
21-Jun-2015, 09:17
In MA. I like to drive up or hike up Mt. Sugarloaf in Sunderland in the Connecticut Valley north of UMass Amherst. IT's a sandstone monolith sticking up out of the valley floor and provides spectacular views of the Connecticut River winding through the valley floor to the distant Holyoke Mt. range to the south. Unfortunately the road closes at about 5 PM so you'll not be able to get the late afternoon glancing light unless you hike up. Maybe 600 ft. of vertical or so.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

21-Jun-2015, 10:26
Blue hills are right outside Boston, and there are 5-6 trails, some long, some short, some hilly some not.

Walk around houghtons pond, or do the wompanoag trail, or any other trail in this massive park.

You can even stay right in the city and go to the allendale woods - some short trails there, with water and cool stuff too. A real jem, inside Boston.

Both put you very close to Jamaica Plain, where you can end your trip at a free tour of the Sam Adams brewery.

21-Jun-2015, 12:54
Cripes. The OP asked for Berkshires and White Mountains. None of your responses are anywhere close to either. In that spirit of obliviousness, I suggest Mt. Auburn in Cambridge, and Mt. Calvary in Boston.

Peter Lewin
21-Jun-2015, 13:32
In the White Mountains (New Hampshire) the Presidential Range is an obvious option, with the proviso that there is a lot of altitude gain and rocks/boulders above tree line, which makes for great hiking but could be problematic with LF equipment (unless you are young). There is the option of driving to the top of Mt. Washington, and starting from there for some of the other peaks via connecting ridges; given that the Jet Stream dips onto Mt. Washington unpredictably, you must carry spare clothing to be safe. I did a lot of hiking up there when it was much easier 30-40 years ago (which I wouldn't try at my current 68). You will get a ton of hits if you Google "hikes in the Presidential Range," but I picked this link because it shows the scenery: http://www.northeasthikes.com/nh-appalachian-trail-hike-the-presidential-range-mt-pierce-to-mt-madison/

21-Jun-2015, 14:50
In the Whites I'd pay more attention to trail quality than elevation gain. It's all low altitude so the vertical feet go by easily, but some of the trails are little more than blazes painted on glacier-polished slabs. Some of it can be muddy or have ice water flowing down it, depending on time of year. These stretches could slow you down a lot if you're carrying tons of stuff.

Jim Andrada
21-Jun-2015, 17:34
Well, Mt Auburn (the cemetery, that is) has some fascinating stuff - crypts built into hillsides around a pond that looks like something out of Edgar Allen Poe on foggy days. for example.

Can't help re Berkshire hikes but the whole area is photogenic - just driving around you find great photos.

Nodda Duma
21-Jun-2015, 17:45
Don't forget Flume Gorge. Also get up to the top of Cannon Mtn.

If you're in my area, eat breakfast at Parker's Maple Barn in Mason NH. The restaurant is very photogenic. You can then hop over to Potanipo Pond in Brookline where there's some nice photographic opportunities as well (covered foot bridge and swim area).

I'd also suggest you do some photography in the mill yard in Manchester NH and Nashua NH.