View Full Version : Sticky situation in my 8x10 dd's / glue removal.

Sven Schroder
30-Jan-2005, 07:47
Help me out of this sticky mess ; )

I've just been topping up my supply of 8x10 dd's and found the previous user had been using small pieces of double sided tape inside; one piece just under the flap.

Why (I've heard about this practice in ULF for film flattness) and How do I remove the residue safely?

What glue removers are safe for the inside of dd's?

The outside of the dd's have cleaned up nicely and look less instutional no longer covered in stickers.
thanks and regards

Brian Ellis
30-Jan-2005, 07:53
What's a dd?

John Kasaian
30-Jan-2005, 08:11

What style/naterial are your dd's("double darkslides---another term for film holders, Brian) constructed? The septums are most likely made of metal so probably anything that will remove the goo without damaging the paint would work. Experiment on a small area for peace of mind, but something like WD-40, Goo-gone, or an automotive paste wax/cleaner(not rubbing compound) on a bit of rag should do it. If you're having mexican food for supper you could even try jalapeno juice---no wait, that might take off the paint!


ronald moravec
30-Jan-2005, 08:13
Goo gone or tolulene if you can find will remove the residual sticky

Kevin Crisp
30-Jan-2005, 08:50
Sven: Goo Gone might do it. 3M makes a powerful product called "General Purpose Adhesive Remover" Part No. 08984, in one quart cans. It's been so long I can't remember why I bought it in the first place (restoring a car, I think) but this stuff takes off every glue of every type I've ever tried it on, regardless of age. It also takes off grease, tar, wax, I'm still on my first quart of the stuff and it has come in handy dozens of times. But try Goo Gone first, that is easier to find and might do it. Good luck.

Arne Croell
30-Jan-2005, 10:09
White gas (purified gasoline for stoves, "Waschbenzin" in German)) works well with sticky residues from tape. Use it outside or in "a well-ventilated area" as the usual warnings go. Do not use acetone - it will remove the sticky stuff well, BUT also the black dye from the anodized aluminum center plate!

Jay Wolfe
30-Jan-2005, 13:32
I've had good luck removing most types of adhesives using automotive bug & tar renover. It's best to test anything you use in a small area.

Sven Schroder
31-Jan-2005, 11:02
Hey thanks allround for the great advice

In the end used plan B which was the petrol based lighter fluid worked a treat, this stuff cleans allsorts of stuff according to the label (not spaggetti sauce though ?).
Plan A was of a different nature lime juice, which I shall enjoy in the form of a Daquri or two.
Cheers, thanks and regards

2-Feb-2005, 09:22
I have had the same thing with fidelity and toyo film holders. A safe method for these types of holder is to get some IPA and gently work the area with a cloth. It worked for me anyway. Here's something I did but don't advise, I put two slides in the dishwasher whilst the old lady wasn't looking. They came out spotless but had warped due to the high temperatures. Might try it again if I can figure out the temp setting bit.