View Full Version : Chamonix 4x5 movements don't stay in place

19-Jun-2015, 11:25
I have a Chamonix 4x5 view camera and I'm having trouble getting the camera movements to stay in place. As an example, I was using rear tilt to get some rocks in the foreground in focus for a landscape shot. However, the slightest movement of the dark cloth, or trying to put the film holder in kept pulling the camera back further, ruining the focus. I try to lock everything down tightly, but I'm worried that if I twist the screws any tighter I'll strip the threads. Has anyone had this problem before and are there any solutions?

19-Jun-2015, 11:29
Which Chamonix model?

I have a 45n1 and the movements are definitely not locked down tight unless you really crank the screws. But I've never felt I was close to breaking/stripping anything. But perhaps there is a problem, like a missing washer or something?

19-Jun-2015, 11:42
I think it's the 045N-2

19-Jun-2015, 14:32
Never had an issue with either of my chamonix 4x5's. I'll admit that the rear could lock down tighter and it will move if you pick up the camera by the back or bump it. Never an issue while shooting though.

19-Jun-2015, 14:47
Only have the 8x10 and I feel quite the opposite, I don't even need to really crank it to get a nice stiff lock.

I wonder if like Corran said, your stuff is missing parts?

Post pictures of the moving areas, maybe we can identify the issue. If not, I'll take it off your hands since its "broken" you should sell it to me cheap ;)

Pictures please.

19-Jun-2015, 16:00
I'm sure it'll be fine with the least bit of tweaking.

19-Jun-2015, 16:53
I've not had a problem with my 045N-2, either. All the locks work nicely for me.

Is this a new from the factory camera, or did you buy it used. If it was used, it's possible the locks were over-tightened previously, and/or a washer is missing /broken. In any event, pictures would help, and you might also consider sending Hugo an e-mail. You can contact him through the Chamonix website.


19-Jun-2015, 19:32
Thanks for the comments I'll post pictures when I'm back home. It was bought brand new from the factory.

19-Jun-2015, 22:47
Thanks for the comments I'll post pictures when I'm back home. It was bought brand new from the factory.

I would contact Hugo for sure but also I would check all the locking bolts etc. make sure there's nothing loose.

This might sound dumb but, are you turning them in the right direction? If you unscrew them, they don't screw off, they hit a stopping point which can SEEM like the same tension as when you're locking them down, but in fact they are completely loose. I know it sounds dumb but make sure you're actually tightening them.

And again check the inner nut that holds on the knob and make sure those are tight too.

Looking forward to pictures.

jose angel
20-Jun-2015, 12:29
Have I heard this before? On a DLC, maybe? (Just kidding, it is a somewhat common issue with them :))
Actually, assuming that the camera is right, I think you can get it tight enough without breaking anything... I`ve been doing so on my DLC for years, with no issues at all.
What Corran says above. Notice that you don`t need to tighten the standards to the limit; maybe just a little bit tighter is enough.
BTW, holder spring tension use to be on the hard side, so also a bit of technique is needed to avoid pulling anything. I`d say this "extreme lightweight" cameras are not as... "solid?" as other designs (disclaimer; I have never used a Chamonix... ).

22-Jun-2015, 21:47
I tried to create a video to demonstrate what I was talking about but, everything seems to be fine now lol. I think the only problem I was experiencing was trying to open the back of the camera to insert the dark slide when using back tilt. Other posters have mentioned that the spring tension can cause the back to move, so I'll just need to be more careful in the future not to disrupt all of the focusing adjustments I've made.

23-Jun-2015, 02:03
I understand what OP means. Most of my time using a f1 model was spent in paranoia that I'd knocked the rear standard out of focus while inserting a film holder or taking off the dark cloth. I definitely noticed a lack in rigidity for the locking screws when compared with say a view camera or even the 45AII.
No matter how careful I was there were times where I'd have to recompose 3 times or so because the rear standard gets pulled out of place (so) easily. I think perhaps just using a dark cloth that drapes over the camera as opposed to wrapping around, and just being as careful as you can with inserting film holders.

23-Jun-2015, 07:41
I had a slippery 4x5 and eventually glued thin strips of grit #240 emery to the standards. It worked perfectly.

28-Jun-2015, 13:51
slightly off topic, but having difficulties finding other Chamonix owners on here. Is there a dedicated group?.. I'm a NEWBIE play nice please:)

28-Jun-2015, 15:31
There's a ton of Chamonix users here - I'm one of them :).

If you have any questions just ask in the Camera & Camera Accessories subforum.

I'm right down the road from you in Valdosta! Savannah is one of my favorite places in GA. Haven't been in a couple of years though. Need to go soon!

28-Jun-2015, 22:03
I'm also a Chamonix user (8x10). Feel free to ask anytime.

Dwarak Calayampundi
28-Jun-2015, 22:11
Hi I have a 45F1 never had issues wit this always locks down nicely.....

29-Jun-2015, 16:39
Hey cool! I know someone in Charelston that has one also :) this will be my first LG camera, and my first film in several years. Big learning curve ahead, but I am excited!... I shoot a lot of music and live performance photos.. This will be allll just for me. I will check out your blog and will stay in touch. Thanks for piping up too!

29-Jun-2015, 16:40
Thank you!

29-Jun-2015, 17:17
I can say that critical focus is an issue when I use my BTZS focus cloth... just trying to remove the tight seal becomes an issues, the rear standard can pull. It's a little annoying but I learned to work around it.