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Doug Dolde
29-Jan-2005, 20:28
I just made a major update to my website. If you have the time and inclination I would greatly appreciate suggestions, critiques, etc.

http://www.painted-with-light.com (http://www.painted-with-light.com)

Nicholas Fiduccia
29-Jan-2005, 21:17

The few pictures I looked at on your site were gorgeous. I would be happy if I took shots of the same calibur someday. I would like to see a set of thumbnails so that I can view all the shots in a gallery as a sort of contact sheet. The way you have it, once I enter the gallerie, I have no way of knowing if there are 5 pictures in it or 55 since I cannot see them all at once. This is especially important to those of us that are still using dialup.

Also, you do need to get some information up about yourself - at a minimum an artist statement.


Alan Agardi
29-Jan-2005, 21:40
Doug -

Nice images - the Point Dume at Malibu takes me back to the 18 years I spent living and cruising the LA County beaches. I sure do miss those gorgsous sunsets.

As for the site, follow the KISS principle - please. The images are great, but, as Nicholas says, have mercy on those of us without DSL or T-1 lines. With a 33.8 dialup, it takes almost 4 minutes for a page to load. It's hard to keep my attention.

The web pages and the site layout are way too complex - NetObject Fusion is for industrial-strength sites, not showcase sites like yours. It generates a site that is way too complex for what you are attempting to accomplish. And, like Nicholas mentioned, use thumbnails so that we can get an idea of each gallery, and then choose the image(s) we wish to see.

If you want help re-designing your site, contact me off-forum, and we'll talk.

Most Respectfully,

Alan Agardi

30-Jan-2005, 05:47
Doug, your images are stunningly beautiful and your website is great. Cheers,

Ken Lee
30-Jan-2005, 06:02
Perhaps it is intentional, but there is no mention of you, or even your name - or I missed it.

Brian Ellis
30-Jan-2005, 08:03
I had no trouble navigating the site and I think the photographs are excellent. One small suggestion for your consideration - don't display monochrome and color images of similar subjects side by side. The monochrome image, no matter how good when standing alone or in a group of other monochrome images, always seems to me to lose something when displayed next to a similar color image.

Sara P
30-Jan-2005, 10:23
Doug, Love the shots of the 'bu...(I live up Corral myself)...I am new to this site and LF in general (got my 4x5 for Christmas). I found your images inspiring, thanks for sharing them. And thanks to everyone for all the information posted here - I have learned so much by reading what you all have to say.

30-Jan-2005, 16:09
Some lovely shots indeed. Only problem is most seem clearly over-sharpened, with visible haloes. This is on a CRT, on an LCD the haloes would be worse.

The trick with sharpening is to go gently with it....

Doug Dolde
30-Jan-2005, 16:39
Thanks all for the tips. I did make a few changes including adding thumbnail pages.

Just a note, since I posted this my site got over 250 hits in one day. A lot more people read this forum than I realized.

neil poulsen
30-Jan-2005, 23:18
I like your webpage. I like the orange and black colors combination that you chose, maybe because those are my school colors! (Oregon State.) I also like the white borders on your prints. It separates them well from the black.

I also like your photos, although I agree with Brian on mixing black and white with color.

Your menu links don't work on one image, "Fish Lake by Apachy Trail." Good thing the arrows work on that page.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing it.