View Full Version : Sinar 4x4 Filters any good?

18-Jun-2015, 13:58
I recently acquired Sinar's 100 Filter System for my F2 and I was wondering if Sinar's filters for their system are any good? I initially planned to adapt my 4x4 filters that I used with moving picture cameras (I have to trim down their edges from 4mm to 1mm so they fit the Filter System). But if Sinar's filters are decent I might just buy some of them instead.

I'd be very thankful to read any thoughts/experiences.


18-Jun-2015, 20:47
Never knew Sinar to make junk. I've used their filters on my F2 for years.

19-Jun-2015, 13:12
Good point, thanks Luis! :)

19-Jun-2015, 17:17
I have used 100 mm Sinar filters for years on a Lee filter holder or in the filter holder in the back of Sinar DB Copal shutter, and Im extremely pleased with them. I also used them on my Nikon, Leica and Hasselblad film cameras. I also have a 125 mm Sinar Polarizer that needs a special holder with two slots that is my preferred polarizing filter for film.
About your 4mm filters. If you use a Lee 100 filter holder instead of the Sinar 100 one, you can install 4mm slots on it and use your moving picture filters without any problem, and combine square filters or ND grads with traditional round 105mm filters with a dedicated 105mm ring that you can screw on top of Lee filter slots. And in the case you need exotic adapters you can order them to Lee at reasonable prices. I ordered an 85mm x 0,75 adapter for my Apo Sinaron 600/9 and it fits perfectly. Lee charged 60 pounds plus shipping and I received it in just 20 days.