View Full Version : Anyone familiar with this 5x7 kit camera?

17-Jun-2015, 13:23
Was curious if anyone here has seen this kit camera before and might have a bit more information about it...
Thanks for any info...


Ken Lee
17-Jun-2015, 13:37
Bender ? See http://www.jaybender.com/BPH/

17-Jun-2015, 17:05
Looks like it might be.. thanks!!

18-Jun-2015, 13:51
Yes, Bender. The guy machines wood perfectly and matches grain and color as a master.

Oren Grad
18-Jun-2015, 14:00
The one wrinkle here is that so far as I know, Bender never made a 5x7 kit. He has an item in his FAQ explaining why not. It's certainly possible that someone else adapted Bender parts to 5x7, or built a 5x7 in his style.

19-Jun-2015, 21:42
Based on the photo, I'd wager that that camera is a 4x5. (I have one and it looks just like that one).

19-Jun-2015, 22:14
FYI... Those cameras are no longer being made... If you read the fine print on the Bender site, it says , the company is out of business.
He said digital killed film photography.

19-Jun-2015, 22:50
Yep. It was a 4x5. Some confusion with a local seller lead to a misunderstanding.... Hey dsphotog, there used to be an old song... " video killed the radio star"... That ended not being true as well.

23-Jun-2015, 14:08
They play that song at the baseball park during "Video reviews"... wink wink

23-Jun-2015, 15:29
He said digital killed film photography.
It might just have been a not so great design coupled with a not so great business model in what was even then not a mass market...