View Full Version : Ansel Adams and Clyde Butcher

29-Jan-2005, 08:26
FYI. Combined show of Adams and Butcher, two great LF landscape photographers and conservationists, opens today at the RINGLING Museum in Sarasota, FL. Through April 10. Open 7 days, free entry on Mondays.

Mark Sawyer
29-Jan-2005, 13:03
Also FYI, Ansel Adams and I currently have a two-person show in my bathroom. It should be noted that the exhibition's curator selected more of my work than Adams', (though this *may* have been for purely budgetary reasons...)

All-in-all an excellent show. I've been back to see it several times.

Kirk Gittings
29-Jan-2005, 13:34

Is that the famous "La Maison de la Toilet" venue? Love the space and the fragrance too.

Mark Sawyer
29-Jan-2005, 14:24
Yes, Kirk, it's a lovely, quiet space. Intimate and comfortable. I could sit there for hours contemplating the art of photography. I think I'll go back soon...

Jim Galli
29-Jan-2005, 15:59
I'm guessing both Clyde and Ansel would attend on Monday. Wish I could go!

29-Jan-2005, 16:06
You guys just visiting from the Leica Forum?

Mark Sawyer
29-Jan-2005, 22:05
Yes, Bill. This is an invasion from the Leica Forum. We're here to destroy this forum, thread by thread. I think you'll agree, we pretty much killed this one...

29-Jan-2005, 22:48
Well, it wasn't much of a thread to start with, anyhow.

30-Jan-2005, 07:35
When I visited my girlfriend at Ringling School of Art in 1973, She took me to the Museum. I was very impressed with their collection. Wish I could see this one.


30-Jan-2005, 18:55
RINGLING Musem? Wasn't that P.T. Barunum's outfit? You all know what he said.

30-Jan-2005, 19:56
It takes one to know one, Jim.

30-Jan-2005, 21:17
Takes one what to know one? Promoter or sucker?