View Full Version : LF Portrait Lenses

Robb Reed
9-Nov-1999, 14:48
I want to do more portrait photography with my Toyo 4x5. I have on lens, a Rode nstock 210 Geronar, but am wondering whether there might be better lenses for th is kind of work. Any help would be appreciated.

john costo
9-Nov-1999, 23:14
Try either of these: 300mm/9 M Nikkor, or 300mm/8.5 C Fujinon. Both are small and light (the Fuji only 250 g), and use a #1 shutter. Both will give sharp portraits.

Ron Shaw
10-Nov-1999, 11:19
Make sure you have enough bellows extension for a 300mm. The 210 may be a better choice for tight portraits, and maybe a 150 for small group shots.