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15-Jun-2015, 12:54
I have some blue and green sensitive X-ray film coming and I will need to establish effective film speed. I have forgotten the process. It has been so long since I have even thought about this that I don't remember how.

Can someone please help or point me to a resource?

16-Jun-2015, 03:13
Several Zone System tutorials give pointers for this.

I just exposed several 4x5 sheets at different speeds and found that ISO 50 works quite well for the blue type and about 100 for the green. Although I didn't do any rigorous testing, these speeds seem to match other people's experiences quite well, so they're close enough for me.

16-Jun-2015, 10:32
Cool. Thanks Koraks. I will start there.

Ken Lee
16-Jun-2015, 11:38
You might find this brief article helpful: Testing Black and White Film with the Zone System (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/tech/testing.php).