View Full Version : Toyo M810 vs. Toyo M8x10 II?

neil poulsen
15-Jun-2015, 09:25
What's are the differences between the earlier Toyo M 8x10 field camera and the later Toyo M 8x10 II field cameras?

15-Jun-2015, 09:30
The MII's front standard can rotate 180˚ to provide more extension if needed; the problem then might be having enough bellows, as the standard length of bellows is 650mm.
The other difference is that the knobs are all-black on the MII; some earlier versions of the M came in a light gray trim, and one of those is currently for sale in the classifieds.

Making the M behave like the MII is easy and not that expensive.

I've posted on this subject, and more, in this thread: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?119559-Toyo-810M-Resource-Fan-Page&highlight=toyo+810m

Neal Chaves
15-Jun-2015, 12:42
No matter which Toyo you buy, make sure the bellows is free of holes or figure the cost of a new bellows in the price. Original Toyo bellows can have tiny pin holes at the folds that can only be detected in a darkened room with a flash light inside the bellows.

15-Jun-2015, 14:42
I understand that there were 2 810M's. Mamiya America sent me the Instruction Manual for the 810M but it is in Japanese. It appears that the smallest lens the camera could take with a recessed board is a 68.9mm to 637.9mm and 87.1mm to 656.1mm with the standard board. Conversely, the MII can take an 800T with the std bellows and has a maximum extension of 820mm with the front standard reversed.


15-Jun-2015, 14:51
I don't have a scanner at the moment but here is a digital shot of the specs in the Instruction Manual I referenced above: