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14-Jun-2015, 21:47
A question about shutters from someone not familiar with such - me.
I have a Schneider Symmar-S 5.6/100 in a Synchro-Compur shutter. It works well.
I have a Fujinon W 5.6/150 in a Seiko shutter which has problems - shutter will not open for focusing, but works fine otherwise.
The front and rear elements of the Fujinon will fit into the Synchro-Compur shutter from the Schneider. Until I get the Seiko shutter repaired, will the Fujinon be usable in the Seiko shutter?
Or is there some kind of calibration issue that will interfere?

Tim Meisburger
14-Jun-2015, 22:59
As long as the barrel length is the same, so that the lens elements are exactly the same distance apart, it should work fine. The only problem you will have is the aperture scale will be incorrect, but you can calculate a new one and tape it on there as a temporary fix.

AJ Edmondson
15-Jun-2015, 04:19
Tom... Not trying to be a smart-aleck here but you do know that the Seiko shutters have to be cocked for the shutter to open with the focus lever, right?


15-Jun-2015, 04:45
Thanks Tim and Joel.
Yes, I have worked out the cocking and shutter open sequence for this Seiko shutter, but it does have a strange problem. It cocks and fires quite normally and all shutter speeds seem OK. However when cocked and the lever to open the shutter is actuated, it begins to open then gets no further than a starfish shape where it stops. It seems to me that the part that exerts tension on the shutter to open it, has lost its mojo. Closing it with the lever is also quite slow even from this part-open position.
Hence my ".... can I use another shutter " question.