View Full Version : Wista/Tachihara 4x5 field cameas + 210mm lenses

13-Jun-2015, 17:30
I know the Wista and Tachihara 4x5 field cameras only have a maximum bellows extension of 300mm but does anyone know if a 210mm Dagor would be able to focus around 5-8 feet on either of these cameras? If not what would be the closest focus (estimate is ok) with a 210mm lens?

Ken Lee
14-Jun-2015, 02:30
You might find this page helpful Formulas for Bellows Extension (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/tech/bellows.php)

My Tachihara has 315mm of bellows draw.

1/F = 1/D + 1/B
where F = focal length, D = distance, B = Bellows Draw

Given a 210mm lens and 315mm of bellows draw, how close can we get ?

F = 210mm, B = 315mm

1/210 = 1/D + 1/315
1/D = 1/210 - 1/315
1/D = 0.00476 - 0.0031746
1/D = 0.001587
Distance = 629mm or roughly 2 feet

14-Jun-2015, 02:51

Thanks Ken Lee! I don't know how I missed that page on your site but it's very helpful! Thank you :D

sun of sand
14-Jun-2015, 14:31
210 is close-up fl of choice so if these didn't focus such rather closely they'd be extremely limited cameras