View Full Version : I Need a Wisner Lens Board

Jeff Moore
28-Jan-2005, 15:21
I am in need of a cherry lens board for a #3 Copal shutter for my Wisner Expedition 4x5. I placed an order for one from Wisner seven weeks ago, and the once-a-week phone calls don't seem to be getting me any closer to actually getting one. So, I thought I would check the used market. Anyone out there have one for sale, or know of another source for one? Please, someone say yes just so I can have the pleasure of telling Ron Wisner to stick my order where the sun doesn't shine.

Jim Rice
28-Jan-2005, 15:32
Have you tried ordering a blank or mahogany board from Ron? Last time I ordered one of those I had it within a week.

Jim Rice
28-Jan-2005, 15:35
Also 3/16" black gatorboard makes a nice tempoary board, just compress it to get it under the slides.

Gem Singer
28-Jan-2005, 15:42

Have you tried calling or e-mailing Jim, at Midwest Photo Exchange (jim@mpex.com)?

Jeff Moore
28-Jan-2005, 15:48
Thanks, Eugene. I'm on it.

Jeff Moore
28-Jan-2005, 16:42
It seems Midwest Photo is also waiting frustratingly on the same. :-(

Michael Kadillak
28-Jan-2005, 16:58
Check with Quality Camera in Atlanta. Also, Richard Ritter in Vermont will make lens boards as good as the originals or custom adapter boards in a jiffy.

Good Luck!

Michael Kadillak
28-Jan-2005, 17:02
By the way, there is a slew of them on E %@#.

Jeff Moore
28-Jan-2005, 17:17
As Homer Simpson would say, Doh! Why didn't I think of that? Must have had a brain cramp.

Todd Wright
28-Jan-2005, 17:19
I'll second Michael on Richard Ritter www.lg4mat.net (http://www.lg4mat.net). I now order all my boards from him.

Jeff Moore
28-Jan-2005, 17:27
Michael, I looked on the auction site and found many boards, but none for my Wisner. Looks like Richard Ritter is the way to go. I just sent him an e-mail. Thanks for the suggestion.

An aside: What does it say about Wisner that you have to go to a third party to get a common item such as a lens board?

Brian Ellis
28-Jan-2005, 18:30
I find it heartening that, given the constant changes with which we must grapple in so many different areas of our lives, there are nevertheless a few things that we can count on to never change.

Jeff Moore
28-Jan-2005, 18:48
(I cross-posted this on the photo.net LF forum)

Dan and Brian,

Just for the record:
I have had my Expedition for 8 years and have used it heavily. I have not experienced any light leaks or any other problems for that matter. I consider it a well-made camera; not perfect, but no camera is. I know it's not an Ebony, but given the price difference between the two, I consider it to be a fair value for the money.

My complaints with Wisner are not with the product, but with the seeming indifference to customer service. As I recently informed Ron Wisner, I have spent my last dollar with his company.

Gary J. McCutcheon
28-Jan-2005, 20:16
Dear Jeffrey,

Try contacting Bruce's Feild Camera Store at 212-807-1403. He stocks some Wisner items and may be able to get one out right away. Good luck.


Steve McKinney
28-Jan-2005, 20:49

Harry's Pro Shop (http://www.harrysproshop.com/Used_Large_Format/used_large_format.html) in Toronto may have what you're looking for in stock.



28-Jan-2005, 21:11
Hi Jeffrey,
I'm stopping by the Wisner factory in the next couple of weeks. If you want I'll inquire for you about the lensboard. Sometimes this is the only way to get this kind of stuff in a timely manner. Contact me if interested. Emile. www.deleon-ulf.com .

Jim Rice
28-Jan-2005, 21:27
OTOH the list price for a Wisner mohagony board is forty bucks. You can find some threads on here about boards at truly frightening prices.

Jeff Moore
28-Jan-2005, 22:04
Thanks, Emile, but that won't be necessary. I have been inquiring once a week for seven weeks now. Today I canceled the order and am going to get it from another source. I'm through dealing with Ron Wisner.

Robert Musgjerd
29-Jan-2005, 06:29
Join the crowd I quit waiting for a part for my bellows months ago. I also just ordered my 14x17 from canham.
as a pro I can't afford down time and lord knows his camera has cost me plenty

John Z.
31-Jan-2005, 11:45
Just for the record, S.K. Grimes also has Wisner boards. I think they manufacture their own; I obtained my last two from them. Does Ron Wisner know how frustrated we all are, not even able to get lens boards for our cameras? Maybe he will read this thread and get a clue.
It is a shame, because he does make nice cameras. I believe he loses alot of business by not keeping up on parts and service.
I can calculate alot of money I had to take elsewhere, not because I wanted to, but because I had to---lens boards, a case, filmholders, etc..