View Full Version : Need Information - Dallmeyer London No. 4

12-Jun-2015, 10:46
I was recently digging around in my Grandfathers shed helping him clear it out and I came across a lens, he has never been into photography or seen it before so almost chucked it but I was wondering whether anyone could give me any information about it such as the year it was first made or if it's even worth anything.

Here is everything written on it:

J H Dallmeyer London
No. 4 SER II Dallmeyer stigmatic
F/6 Patent
No. 79291
It's 6-45mm

Thanks for any help,




Louis Pacilla
12-Jun-2015, 12:40
Fairly common lens manufactured by Dallmeyer in Englad and is a convertible type w/ a decent speed f6 and good corrections and coverage. believe it covers around 80 degrees stopped down so pretty decent coverage but not better then the Dagor which was one of it's competitors of the day. They also made a Portrait series Stigmatic Series 1 I believe that works @ f4 and is certainly far more uncommon compared to the series II Stigmatic.

Here is the page from the 1930 Dallmeyer Catalog along w/ a link to the catalog on Seth's site.