View Full Version : 14" Gold Dot Dagor

Shigehiro Ishii
28-Aug-1999, 13:58
I'm considering to buy Sch. 14" Gold Dot Dagor f/8. Does it cover 11x14 ? What's the image circle ? My 14" Commercial Ektar doesn't have sufficent coverage for my 11x14. Thanks for your help.

Masayoshi Hayashi
28-Aug-1999, 19:19
I can't help you very much but this static link (http://www.greenspun.com/com/qtluong/photography/lf/long-herman.html)might help you. The 2nd and 3rd comments are the ones you are looking for. The lens you are talking about was also produced under Schneider later on, I believe. So you might want to contact to schneider optics too. There was also a catalog for Gold Dot dagor (Golden dagor?). Glennview (http://www.photomall.com/gelens.htm) is selling the catalog. And t he comment by Michael Buchmeier (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/classic-experts.html) might also help.

31-Aug-1999, 06:12
Ishii-san ; this is not an answer to your question, I just wanted to know what sources you used in Japan for large format photography. I live in Tokyo, and use a 4x5 camera, but would like to move to 8x10, or larger. Thanks in advance.

Rob Tucher
31-Aug-1999, 16:46
I have the lens in question. At least I have the Swiss made version of it. It covers 11x14 with some movement but I don't know the circle size, and barely 7x17 with no movements. Tack sharp. All in all I love it.