View Full Version : Did the Kodak Master View 8x10 have a 4x5 back option?

10-Jun-2015, 09:03
Just wondering...maybe one of these days I can find one but only if it existed. Did the Master View ever come with a 4x5 back? If not, anyone know if an existing back from another camera will fit it?135270

Michael Kadillak
10-Jun-2015, 09:17
The camera only came from the manufacturer with a 5x7 back. That said clearly over the years many MV owners have modified other 4x5 reducing backs to accomplish this objective. One alternative to investigate is to have someone like Richard Ritter provide you with a quite to make you one that will fit the light trap on the back of the camera and the pin orientation precisely. The way I look at this is that unless you have tools and the interest and time to do it yourself, someone is going to be handed off part of this task.If you can find a basic assembly for Richard to begin with at a low cost, that will save you on the back end.

10-Jun-2015, 09:26
The camera only came from the manufacturer with a 5x7 back.

That's great info!! Thanks! yeah, I don't have time to fiddle with the back and make it fit :). I'm more a ductape/gorilla tape/glue guy.

Michael Kadillak
10-Jun-2015, 15:43
Richard made me an 11x14 Deardorff back for a 1940 Marine V11 and did a heck of a good job. He even added a bail back on it which worked out great.

Carl J
10-Jun-2015, 23:06
A Burke and James 4x5 back will usually fit. Although there's no 100% guarantee, I have two (these are painted an ugly gray) which fit. They come up for sale now and then on the forum. Not pretty but the pins are in the right places.

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