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d burdeny
27-Jan-2005, 11:16
I wondering if anyone has had any experience using a Linhof monocular right angle viewer on a Tech V. Specifically Iíd like to know if the 2X magnification is enough for accurate focusing when shooting landscapes and if itís possible to use with a 90mm 6.8 or 75mm 4.5 lens. I currently use a 4X loupe and focusing hood but when its cold and wet the glass fogs up so this seems like a good solution (cost aside!). It would also be nice to see the image right side up on occasion. Your Comments are much appreciated.

Bob Salomon
27-Jan-2005, 13:05
No, it is a viewing device. Anything that lets you see the whole gg at one time is not enough magnification to focus critically.

To use the Right Angle Focusing Device you will need the fresnel screen.

The Focus/Meter Bellows would be better for focusing as it has two 2x loupes and when you use both it lets you focus at 4x and when you use just one you can view or meter at 2x.

Of course, the image will not be right side up. with this. With the Right Angle device it is right side up and reversed left too right.

Michael Kadillak
27-Jan-2005, 18:31
That said - I know a guy that uses one of these regularly for critical focusing with typical landscape photography and on a light table I could not ascertain the difference between focusing with a loupe on what he accomplishes with the viewing device. Based upon his positive experience I get out my right angle viewer regularly on my TK45S on cold days (as you commented on) and when I do not want to get under the dark cloth for various reasons and get great results. I would not recommend using this device for macro work or photography that clearly mandates ground glass focusing, but it is a tool that can be used for the regular stuff without a hitch.

I feel that they key to the situation is being able to judge "relative" focus - in other words iterating to find the correct place between near and far focusing that is sharp. I would not be able to do this with 8x10, but with 4x5 I know for a fact that it can be done quite easily.


27-Jan-2005, 22:04
Contrary to Bob's pronouncement, I find that I can focus through it all right, but can't see enough of the ground glass to adequately compose the entire image. The eyeball is just too close to the GG to see everything.

W K Lam
28-Jan-2005, 09:43
I'm using that on my Linhof master 2000. As it does not work properly with my wide angle 65mm lens even with a fresnel lens on, i have abandoned bringing it out to save space as it's quite bulky even if u separate it into two pices. Nevertheless, it works good for my other lens 110mm or above, especially if strong sunlight is behind me. 2x is not a concern for me as i have not used my Toyo 6x loupe for quite some time. Roll the focusing knob back and forth to find the best sharp image on the gg. This works quite nice for wide angle upto my 110mm lens.