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8-Jun-2015, 09:31
This is one of the first HDR photographs that I have taken. I have tried to play a little bit with shadows and highlights in Lightroom, but I did not want to change it a lot.

http://d1mr5irvqzosls.cloudfront.net/thumbs/image/zb5qvibfta5_720x480.jpg (http://fliiby.com/file/zb5qvibfta5/) by emilex (http://fliiby.com/emilex/) from Fliiby

Once I have upload the photograph in my computer, I have noticed that bright light on right side form the nearby light. I should move forward few steps but I have not noticed that during shooting...

What do you think about this photo? What I could do to improve it a bit more?


Teodor Oprean
10-Jun-2015, 23:00
Beautiful architecture. Wonderful choice of subject.

This picture is already very good. Since you have the leeway from the HDR capture, you could try lightening the sky just enough to separate it from the roof.

If you have the chance to photograph the building again at a different time of day, you can also try aiming for sunset or just after sunset. The sky will be balanced with the artificial illumination. It will look great, especially if there are clouds in the sky. I think the lights are turned on before it gets really dark, so you can get both the star points from the lamps and the colors from the sunset.

11-Jun-2015, 04:11
This is one of the first HDR photographs that I have taken.

What is HDR? Is that the name of the building?

11-Jun-2015, 12:43
HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.
The abbreviation is often used in a longer form -- High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI).

HDR is a set of techniques used in 'Digital' Imaging and Post-Photography... To reproduce a picture with greater Dynamic Range -- Than what is 'usually' possible with standard Digital Imaging or Photographic Techniques.

Best regards, -Tim.