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6-Jun-2015, 20:40
Being a newbie and all that. Would this be a good example of a leaky film holder?

I have also noticed that the image isn't always "centered" on the negative? Is there some technique to loading the film so it is square to the holder opening or is this somewhat normal.

Again being a newbie and all........

Ian Gordon Bilson
6-Jun-2015, 22:34
Another possibility - the film holder wasn't seated properly in the camera back.

7-Jun-2015, 05:05
Another possibility - the film holder wasn't seated properly in the camera back.

Yes the holder was not seated in the lock grove. This is a typical example.

Most photographer do it a couple of time in their life time of photographing.

7-Jun-2015, 05:10
Have you put the film holder in the camera back pulled the dark slide then walk to the front of the camera and then close down the shutter?

7-Jun-2015, 07:27
Thanks I will have to work on film holder seating. My ritual is to have the shutter closed before I insert the film holder. But I need to double check how the holder is seated before I pull the slide and add that to the ritual.

David Lobato
7-Jun-2015, 07:32
I agree with Ian and Richard, if the film holder is pushed in from the left side at the back. The photo is slightly soft, which also indicates the film holder ridge was off the groove - and off the film plane. Due to right handers I suppose, film holders are usually inserted on the right. I recognize Hallett Peak. It's been too long since I was there. I hope you get some great photos up there.

8-Jun-2015, 19:52
You can tap the film holder to get the film seated and even in the holder before shooting.