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Peter De Smidt
6-Jun-2015, 15:19
Introducing Faux, Plastica's sister.

Over the next couple of months, I'm going to run some film, format and lens tests. I'll post links to full-res photos. These links will stay active for awhile, but eventually I'll pull the files, as I have a limited amount of storage space. You can always PM me if you need it re-uploaded. The files will be made on a Screen Cezanne with the negative held between two sheets of glass. As a result, there will be spots, Newton's rings,..., but at least the negs will be flat. I'm not going to the trouble of wet-mounting for these images. They will be at 4000 dpi, 8 bit, and there won't be any sharpening applied. When I get to 8x10, I'll drop that down to 2000 dpi.

Here's a link to the first file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hb7ih96dxzkszgu/Faux_8bit_4000.tif?dl=0
Fuji GX680III, 6x7cm mask, Fuji 180mm f/3.2 lens at f/11.3. Fuji Acros rated at 80. Development with DS-10 2+1 in a Jobo.

I'll add one from the Fuji 190mm SF lens soon, and then we'll move on to 4x5, starting with a Fuji 420L, a 17" Voightlaender Collinear, a 15" copying Ektanon...

6-Jun-2015, 15:27

What are you hoping to learn from the comparisons?


Peter De Smidt
6-Jun-2015, 15:34
I'm going to embark on a portrait project. The testing is just for me to figure out what I want to use. I thought others might be interested in seeing some full-res files.

Michael E
6-Jun-2015, 16:48
When I read the thread title, I thought you were faking lens tests, or accusing somebody else of bending the truth about lens performance...


Greg Miller
6-Jun-2015, 17:58
Wow. She's quite a doll ;)

Peter De Smidt
21-Mar-2016, 20:45
Taylor Taylor Hobson Cooke Aviar (1940-1942). Delta 100/DS-10.



Full-res file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6owx6pr0udafmdn/Faux_Aviar_5_6-0172_8bit.tif?dl=0



Full-res file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v2ye0b289n27hmc/Faux_Aviar_f8-0173_8bit.tif?dl=0

William Whitaker
21-Mar-2016, 22:14
More like Aviara, Artara's evil step sister. Dig those eyes!