View Full Version : Larger Shen-Haos and Seagull Lenses in the US

Matt Powell
26-Jan-2005, 15:42
Following leads and advice from here, I've been looking into the Shen-Hao line of cameras, but I've hit a dead-end looking for US retailers of their 5x7 and up cameras (mostly just for fun, I really don't need to think about going straight into 5x7 or 8x10).

Is the Shen-Hao factory the only way to currently buy anything but the 4x5s?

On the Shen-Hao site, I notice that they've got 150mm and 180mm lenses, but I can't find much information about them. Has anyone used one?


26-Jan-2005, 15:58
I don't think anybody actually imports the bigger cameras. You might be able to convince Badger or Mpex to get one for you. OTOH dealing with the factory isn't that bad.

From what I remember the seagull lenses aren't much if any cheaper then buying from the big four. The shutters all come from outside of China and represent a major part of the cost. I think the seagulls are just tessars.

Donald Qualls
26-Jan-2005, 16:33
J&C Photo was, last I checked, importing 4x5 and possibly larger cameras from a Chinese supplier -- don't know if it was Shen Hao, Seagull, or some other company, however. I'm pretty sure I recall them saying they were planning to bring in 5x7 and 8x10, if they didn't already have them, but the image links from their main pages for the cameras now generate an error. I'd guess an e-mail to them would clarify if they still have or can get those cameras, who the supplier is/was, and whether they can order in the sizes they don't carry (assuming the cameras are still available to them). I do recall the prices being extremely reasonable, and I thought I recalled that the 4x5 included a lens and shutter.

Ole Tjugen
27-Jan-2005, 00:01
After a similar question on another forum, I got curious and sent a query to Shen-Hao. I was also shopping for another 5x7" at the time, a situation which shortly after rectfied itself.

Anyway, within a few hours I got this answer:

Dear Sir,

The price for the HZX45-IIA cost 485 USD, the HZX57-IIAT cost 1180 USD, and the HZX810-IIAT cost 1780 USD.



Dave Moeller
27-Jan-2005, 07:21
J&C had planned to keep the 4x5 in stock and have the larger sizes available on "special order". The last time I looked at their site they still had the pic of the camera on the front page but I couldn't find the ordering info any longer. This might be because they've sold out, or perhaps they've changed their plans. But I would strongly recommend getting in touch with John at H&C to see what he plans to do...his customer service is unbeatable these days.

27-Jan-2005, 10:39
On the Shen-Hao forum some one mentioned J&C decided against stocking the line. They didn't want to carry parts.

Ken Lee
27-Jan-2005, 10:56
I recently purchased an 8x10 from them directly - and I know that Sandy King got his 5x7 from ShenHao in the same manner.