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4-Jun-2015, 10:14
I have a couple of Linhof holders and the wire catch thingies to hold the dark slides in place are loose. Thinking about a very small drop of Loctite to firm them up. Any other suggestions. Being loose they can be a bit of a pain when loading the film.

4-Jun-2015, 10:43
don't they just screw in?

riteways and fidality's do

just screw them in a turn or two

matthew blais
4-Jun-2015, 11:20
Or unscrew and break off a toothpick in the hole and reinsert the hook.

John Kasaian
4-Jun-2015, 12:02
What material are those holders made from? Wood? Metal? Plastic?

4-Jun-2015, 13:33
What material are those holders made from? Wood? Metal? Plastic?
They are a hard plastic material the best I can tell and the wire things don't unscrew.

John Kasaian
4-Jun-2015, 13:49
I'd ask Bob Solomon, retired HP marketing exec, when he gets back from fishing.

Jerry Bodine
4-Jun-2015, 14:11
That would be Bob Salomon.

Nigel Smith
4-Jun-2015, 21:53
since you'll probably never get those things to work properly, you could instigate another good use for rubber bands.... one decent rubber band lengthwise over the DD keeps the dark slides in place. When you're going to use the DD make sure those things are turned to hold the dark slide in place as intended, take the rubber band off, hang it on the tripod/put it over your wrist/etc and use the DD as intended. Once you've removed the DD from the camera using the dark slide locks, pop the rubber band back on to ensure they don't wiggle out in your bag! As an added feature, once you've unloaded the DD and processed the film, put the rubber band back on 'width wise' to indicate an empty holder (assuming both sides are empty).

5-Jun-2015, 06:27
Don't superglue or loctite them in... I did that to an old holder and it froze in place... Tried to give it a little turn with pliers and it sheared off...

A softer cement like white glue or contact cement might work, or take a little piece of teflon plumbers tape, roll it into a very thin string, wrap around the base of the lock, and gently try to push it down into where they meet...

Good Luck!!!

Steve K

5-Jun-2015, 07:52
Excellent advice for a newbie. I will have to dig around for appropriately sized rubber bands. Thanks

neil poulsen
5-Jun-2015, 09:05
There's a commonly available rubber band that's a little over 3" long and 3/16ths inches wide that works well. They come in packages of about 100 or more.