View Full Version : Older Arca Swiss 4x5 Cameras

Donald E. Denison
26-Jan-2005, 11:42
Does anybody know of a source of information that describes/identifies the older, non-F line, Arca Swiss 4x5 cameras?

Thanks for your help!

Tom Westbrook
26-Jan-2005, 13:26
Try http://www.precisioncameraworks.com/Pages/arca_core.html (http://www.precisioncameraworks.com/Pages/arca_core.html)

Donald E. Denison
26-Jan-2005, 17:14
Tom: Thank s for the input. Very informative!

evan clarke
26-Jan-2005, 17:38
Kerry Thalmann wrote a very detailed article which was published in View Camera magazine a couple issues back, it detailed all Arca cameras..Evan Clarke