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26-Jan-2005, 04:10
Hi there

Does anyone know this camera ? I just got a perfect condition one. It has some pretty big movements, all metal housing, double extension.
The shutter is a Shanel 5A and the lenses are barrels lenses screwed onto the shutter. Lenses are : Musashino Koki Luminat 105/3,5 - 180/4,5 and 210/5,6...

Any info would be appreciated.


Edward (Halifax,NS)
26-Jan-2005, 04:59
Musashino was the company that became Wista. Is your camera a Rittreck View 5X7?

http://www.wista.co.jp/e_wista/what/what1.jpg (http://www.wista.co.jp/e_wista/what/what1.jpg)

From the Wista homepage:

"WISTA originated from their former company, Musashino Optics who manufactured Rittreck SP (6x9 Single-Lens Reflex),Rittreck 6 (6x6 Single-Lens Reflex), Rittreck View (5x7 Technical Compact) Shanel Shutter and Sinox Enlarger.

From 1968 to 1972 Musashino had been separated into a manufacturing and a sales company, Rittreck Trading Co. Because of trouble with lens maker for Rittreck 6, Musashino closed and Rittreck Trading Co. became both maker and seller of the cameras, except Rittreck 6.

Taking the opportunity of developing Wista 45 (4x5 technical compact camera) in 1972,the name of the company was changed to WISTA COMPANY, LTD. Since then all products have been unified under the WISTA brand and design dedicated to professional photographic equipment and accessories.

At present,the following products are being supplied. 3 models of 4x5 Technical Compact Cameras,Wooden Field Cameras, Monorail View Camera, 4 models of Multi-Lens Cameras for ID, 3 models of Rollfilm Holders,10 models of Studio Stands for cameras,Wooden Tripod, Various accessories for tele/close up and wide angle photography as well as various magnifiers and photo finishing equipment and material. "

Bob Salomon
26-Jan-2005, 06:03

You missed the new Wista Technical Rail camera system.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
26-Jan-2005, 06:13
Bob, are you saying I gave "a bit" more info than i needed to answer the question?

26-Jan-2005, 10:29
thanks for the promt reply, I actually found out it was a pre-Wista.
It brand new. The old importer took it home, but could never sell it. Its complete with 4x5 reduction back, boards and the 3 lenses.
It seems very sturdy and light.
I nornally use a Technika V, contax 645 and a Alpa 12SWA, but this is very nie....propably wont keep it for long (going 8x10 I think)


26-Jan-2005, 10:30
...its a Rittreck View 5x7 by the way

Ernest Purdum
26-Jan-2005, 14:00
Your Shanel 5A shutter will accept several sizes of Fuji barrel lenses as well as various other lenses by makers outside of Japan. Its controls are unusual, but logical and pleasant to use. There was also a 5B which was threaded for cells front and rear so that some Fuji cells screwed right in.