View Full Version : Technika Bedstops With Lenses Close in a Focal Length

Dumb Handsome
30-May-2015, 15:18
I purchased a Komura 152mm f3.5 lens today for lower-light situations and portraiture. I had also planned on finding a 150mm Symmar lens for the extra coverage and sharpness, but am unsure of if the bed stops will butt into each other too much on my a Technika V's bed. Does any one have experience with this situation? :p:confused:

Bob Salomon
30-May-2015, 15:25
Linhof has stops that will work for this situation but they are only available from the service centers. However, first you have to determine if you can use the same stop for both lenses. And does that 152 fully cover 45?

Dumb Handsome
30-May-2015, 16:31
Thanks Bob. It is the correct 4x5 inch version in a Copal 1 shutter, and not the 6x6 cm one.

I suppose the Komura will match the sharpness of the Symmar 150 at f5.6, and so the best solution may be to get a 135mm Lens for when I need movements. Still, 150mm Symmars are a little less expensive.

4-Jun-2015, 08:06
I have a 150mm f/2.8 Xenotar and 150mm f/4.5 Lanthar, both cammed to my Linhof MT. There are a few different types/sizes of stops and I used one "normal" one and one that was short basically butting up against each other to make it work, and I also had to use a little extension on the Xenotar board to extend the lens a tad. It wasn't a big deal. Certainly if you aren't planning on calibrating the inf. stops yourself the point is moot and just send it in to a service center.