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robert poor
25-Jan-2005, 18:01
Does the Super 23 with the focusing ground glass back take the standard 2x3 CFHs and the 2x3 Grafmatic slipped into place in front of the focusing screen? I read in one of the articles on the Medium Format Articles page that it uses 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 film...not 2 /14 x 3 1/4....and this suggest a special size CFH. Is this true or was it just a typographical error.

Can one use the Grafmatic directly without the focusing back?

I also will appreciate any comments on my use of the Mamiya versus continuing to use the Speed Graphic/Bush Pressman/Technika type of bellows camera. See my discussion in the next paragraph.

I perfer to use cut film in lew of roll film.....I guess I just like to do a few shots and develope them and not a full roll and anyway I can develope each shot differently if I so desire. This requirement to use CFHs or Grafmatics really limits what 6x9 field cameras one can use. I have been using a 2x3 Pacemaker and a Bush Pressman. Looking around about the only other choice (in affordable equipment) is a Mamiya Super 23 or the Universal press camera or to buy a pricer 6x9 Linhoff Technika. The Mamiya Super seems to offer lenses which are good and at a better price and they all are range finder coupled (I assume)....a problem with the other press cameras. Otherwise perhaps I should just buy myself some good lenses to use on the Pacemaker.....of course if I put out good money then I would buy them for a 4x5. A 2x3 used as a view camera is not very easy to focus so I really do not use the movements too often.....but often enough to want it.


Jim Rice
25-Jan-2005, 19:00
You can find 2 1/4" cut film?

robert poor
25-Jan-2005, 19:24
Yes.... I cut my own but it is available from Ilford....but pricy. It is quite simple to cut. You get 9 pieces from an 8x10 sheet of film. The trick is to keep track of which is the emulsion side. I interlace a sheet of paper between each piece and I cut a notch our of the cornor of these paper seperators and thus I know how to orient the film to load the CFHs or grafmatic just as you check the notch in commercially cut film. Actually you know what side is up when you cut because you have the first notch in the original 8x10 sheet (and thus one of the nine 2x3s). Bob

Alec Jones
25-Jan-2005, 19:35
Bob: The term is Cut Film Holder - not "file".

John D Gerndt
25-Jan-2005, 20:02
I have the Mamiya designed film holders for the camera in question. I suspect they are unique to Mamiya. I am not familiar with Graphic holders but the design of the Mamiya ones includes a plenum to hold each film and each holder only holds one piece/plenum.

If you are patient I have seen them come up on ebay. I got mind for $10 each. As a bonus the dark slides are servicable replacements for the standard 6x9 back dark slides and a perfect match for the older K back.


Emmanuel BIGLER
26-Jan-2005, 05:38
I've seen once those Special Mamiya Press cut film holders ; they can accommodate either the US size 2-1/4"x3-1/4" or the (slightly bigger) European size 6,5x9 = 2-1/2"x3-1/2" by reversing the pressure plate. Equivalent metric dimensions are 57x82mm for the 2"x3" and 63.5x88.9mm for the 6,5x9 ; image size is as usual slightly smaller by a few millimetres. Mamiya cut film holders take only one sheet of film.
However I think that there might exist and adaptor for baby graflocks on the Mamiya Press. If somebody could confirm, it would mean that with this adaptor to baby-graflock 2"x3"-6x9 you could adapt modern Mamiya RB rollfilm backs, Horseman rollfilm backs and 2"x3"-6x9 double cut film holders (Fidelity, Baby-Linhof).

Emmanuel BIGLER
26-Jan-2005, 05:57
I found the information about compatibility of Mamiya Press cameras with Graflocks here :
http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/mamiyauniv.html (http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/mamiyauniv.html)

If I understand well, early Mamiya press could be "mamiya" or "graflock" but not both, whereas the Mamiya Universal could take both accessories.
The above mentoned link says :"note Mamiya Super 23 doesn't take back adapters of Universal"

16-Feb-2005, 08:23
2x3 cut film is also available from J and C Photography (www.jandcphoto.com)

12-Jul-2005, 23:48
Is 120 or 220 film too wide (61.5 mm?) to fit 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 sheet film holders?

Maybe a beter question is whether anyone has tried it.

I know roll film is thinner, but it's an idea. I can find out when I get home with a 2x3 holder and an old neg, but that's not where I am right now.