View Full Version : 21 1/4 Inch f/11 Kodak Copying Ektanon Lens Board size

29-May-2015, 12:27
I just bought one of these off eBay, and while i wait for it to arrive, I thought I'd get a lens board together.

Can someone who owns this lens tell me what size hole I will need to make in my lens board?

I'm hoping it will just fit onto a Technika board, but it will probably have to go on a 6x6 Toyo board.

Any help appreciated; thanks in advance.

William Whitaker
29-May-2015, 12:32
Ari, I think it will fit a Tech board, but I'll have to double-check. I'm not at home right now, but will be tomorrow and will get back to you.

Tin Can
29-May-2015, 12:34
3.11" hole for flange on mine.

29-May-2015, 13:31
Thanks, guys.
Will, if you can confirm Randy's measurement, please let me know by email.

William Whitaker
31-May-2015, 08:29
Ari, I sent you an email.

My flange measures a hair under 3 15/16. The barrel itself measures right at 2 5/8". I think Randy is measuring the diameter of the boss on the back of the flange. That would be the part that would need to seat in the lensboard. And yes, that would fit into a Tech board. The outside diameter of the flange extends pretty much to the edge of the board.

I think the flange could be milled to allow it to fit on a Tech board and still leave room for the retaining hardware. Or a machinist could bore and thread the metal lensboard so that the lens screws in directly. A larger lensboard would make it simpler, but it could be done on a Technika board with the help of a skilled machinist.

31-May-2015, 08:37
Thank you, Will; I received your email, and it looks like I'll be trying this with a Technika board after all.
Thanks to you as well, Randy.

William Whitaker
31-May-2015, 09:20
Ari - If you choose to have the lensboard threaded, you'll need to check the thread pitch, since if it is too coarse, there may not be enough "meat" in the lensboard. There may be other options... Your machinist will advise, I'm sure

31-May-2015, 09:32
Understood, Will; thank you.
For posterity, and for me as well, can you give me rough idea of the weight of this lens? Seems to be a 2-pounder, from the looks of it.

Tin Can
31-May-2015, 09:42
730 grams with flange, no caps

31-May-2015, 09:46
Cheers, Randy.
Shouldn't be a problem for a Technika board, even if the lens is threaded directly to the board.

I just realized this thread should be in the ULF section. Thanks, all.

Oren Grad
31-May-2015, 10:21
Ari, the upshot of the back-and-forth on setting up the ULF section was that discussions on lenses and lens accessories were going to be left in the lenses section. I think this thread isn't really even a hard case; although 21 1/4 inches is pretty long, anything in that FL that can fit on a Technika board could easily be used on any number of non-ULF cameras.

31-May-2015, 10:43
Understood; thank you, Oren.