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Randy Moe
28-May-2015, 20:53
I only became aware of Vint Cerf's Digital Dark Ages fears today with the arrival of PPA magazine, where they interpret this calamity as a good excuse to physically print all keeper images. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-31450389

This is Vint talking for an 1 hour. Digital Vellum (https://youtu.be/K_DIwiSDaT8) Copyright of decoding software is also an issue. He's a real smart guy.

The funny thing is I have been toying with a time capsule idea to preserve images beyond digital failure.

Meaning wet print FB for historical purposes rather than Fine Art. Is there a difference? I think there can be.

Software instability. Virtual machines. Interplanetary Internet. Time cycle for Mars, important for sync. Link rot, big problem here and forever.

More https://olivearchive.org/demo/