View Full Version : Kowa 210mm & 305mm?

25-Jan-2005, 11:24
I have been looking for an affordable solution for an 8x10 lens for awhile now and have recently found the following lenses (no shutters) for relatively cheap from a closing print shop: Kowa 210mm f/9 and 305mm f/9. I have read that these will easily cover 8x10 with lots of movements, anybody know what their actual coverage is? Any idea what size shutter the elements will fit in or if the lenses are worth the effort? Thanks for the help.


tim atherton
25-Jan-2005, 11:32
The Kowa 210 usually should screw straight into a copal#1 shutter (there is apparently a variation that doesn't, but I've never actually come across one) - make sure you keep the little brass shim from unscrewing the barrel

They go for about $300 with no shutter on ebay now.

When it is put in a shutter it becomes an f6.8 lens and coverage is about 380/390mm - it's also tack sharp. About my favourite lens.

It's also convertable to a 370mm lens which is actually suprisingly good.

Haven't used the 305mm - there are a number of threads on here about the Kowa and Computar lenses - do a search on the archives

Jim Galli
25-Jan-2005, 12:01
The 305 will cover 500mm. It fits a Copal 3S shutter. Excellent find. You will love them both on 8X10 and if you find yourself in the mood for 1114 or 717 the 305 will take you there easily.

Ted Harris
25-Jan-2005, 12:11
When you say relaively cheap keep in mind the cost of the shutters that you will want. Assuming you can find a nice $1 and a nice #3s shutter in good operating, accurate used condition you will be paying in the range of 300 to 500 for the two shutters. If you find shutters that need a CLA then figure an additional 50 to 80 poer shutter. New these shutters will cost you 210 and 425 respectively. When they do come up for sale they frequently go for near the new price .... even used.

Maybe Jim has a couple in his stash he can offer you.

25-Jan-2005, 12:29
Thanks for the information. So, for coveraga I have 380/390 on the 210mm and 500(!) on the 305mm, sounds like quite a find. Shutters are a definite issue, guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for some to come up used, until then maybe I'll do it manually. Jim, if it turns out that you have something that might fit let me know, doesn't need to be pretty, just has to work better than my hand over the lens and a stopwatch. Thanks again for the help.