View Full Version : Toyo lensboards for Copal 3 shutters

chris jordan
25-Jan-2005, 10:35
Hi guys, I am needing a couple of Toyo lensboards for copal 3 shutters, and new ones are outrageously expensive. I've heard that some other company's lensboards are compatible with the Toyo, so maybe I can look around for some used ones. Does anyone know which other lensboards are compatible with the Toyo 810G?




Steve Hamley
25-Jan-2005, 10:49

Why not check with Jim at Midwest - he usually has used ones in decent shape. I bought several when I was using a Canham field.


Rick Heitman
25-Jan-2005, 13:06
There is one on ebay right now for 5.00 and has 4 days left.

Oren Grad
25-Jan-2005, 13:32
I have a vague recollection that Keith Canham uses Toyo-standard boards for his wooden cameras. Not sure whether this includes the larger-size boards for his 8x10 and larger cameras - might be worth a call to Keith or to Jeff at Badger Graphics to check this...

Ralph Barker
25-Jan-2005, 15:32
One thing to watch for, Chris, is that the 158mm Toyo metal boards utilize a lip at the outer edge to form part of the light trap. Although a flat board, similar to the traditional wooden boards with a rabbet at the edge for a light trap, could work, the spacing below the retainer bar is fairly thin, anticipating metal boards. The corners, however are rounded, so a traditional square wooden board, even if 158mm in size, would need to be modified accordingly.