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Tin Can
27-May-2015, 18:13
While researching Gas Burst, I found this film, used for scientific work. From the description it sounds like Ektascan.

Anybody know anything about this film? https://www.tedpella.com/photo_html/photo1.htm#anchor601807

They also sell this 25 film rack, which seems good for 4x5. https://www.tedpella.com/photo_html/photo6.htm

28-May-2015, 01:56
I've shot the Kodak SO-163 film quite a bit. (So has Ramiro (https://www.flickr.com/photos/rabato/12295242424/).) Its spectral response seems similar to Ektascan, although it is much slower (EI 8) and finer grained. It also has no anti-halation backing so in certain circumstances you get halos around highlights. Taming the contrast has been difficult at times, but overall I think it's pretty high grade stuff. It slides right into a 4x5 holder along the 4" dimension, which is nice, and can be handled under a red safelight. The list price is nuts, though. I bought about 800 sheets for pennies (well, sixty bucks) from a lab that was switching to digital.

Here are some examples:





Tin Can
28-May-2015, 09:06
As usual Jonathan, you show the way to use old film, unique sources and around the house masterpieces!

28-May-2015, 14:29
Glad to be of service!