View Full Version : Did Photoshop CS6 cripple my copy of Photoshop CS5?

Darin Boville
27-May-2015, 09:06
O.K., this is weird. Noticed recently that Photoshop is sluggish. I started noticing this immediately after installing a trial of CS6. Didn't go with the trial. Things worked well enough until last night when I was working on very large files. Two 2.5 GB scans, stitched in Photoshop. Things slowed to a crawl. Painful. Thought it must just be the size of the files but by the third one I'd had enough, fantasies of a $12,000 Mac Pro system dancing in my head.

Tried a few things and then looked at Preferences. Saw that 17 GB was allocated to Photoshop out of 20. What? I have 32 GB in the machine. Blinked and realized it said 1.7 out of 2.0 GB. Googled and realized that Photoshop was opening in 32-bit mode. What the heck? I didn't even know how to open it in 32-bit mode until I googled.

Ditto on my laptop. Also installed CS6 there.

Did CS6 attempt to cripple my copy of CS5 to make it look better during the trial period???


Greg Miller
27-May-2015, 10:02
Installing CS6 does not touch CS5. You choose your 32/64 bit when installing the software.

Jim C.
27-May-2015, 10:10
Were you running both at the same time ?
I'm not sure if it would be possible even with a trial version

PS is a resource hog, it always has been and if you only have 32 GB total of physical RAM then the combined needs of PS
and OSX ( another hog ) will slow you down since PS will start using HD space as memory space.

You may want to add more physical RAM.

27-May-2015, 10:13
Low disc space?

Darin Boville
27-May-2015, 14:16
Just to be clear, the 32-bit box was checked in the info panel. Weird, huh? Is there some reason I would have done that for some other reason?