View Full Version : camera clubs ---what do you do for displays?

Raymond Bleesz
27-May-2015, 06:02
We have a small camera club which does not have a "home", and we are dependent upon available spaces which requires us to develop, create a portable, inexpensive, display entity.

What have you engineered for a portable, inexpensive method of display (i.e.. wall--hangers) which allows members to show their images on a temporary wall & a system of wall displays which can be reused, stored, and are free standing. Thank you for your ideas--provide photos if available. Raymond

27-May-2015, 07:57
A lot of the camera clubs I've seen use cubicle walls. If you have a large university or hospital or other institution that has an ongoing 'surplus' program you can pick up a bunch of cloth-covered cubicle walls pretty cheap. Or try craigslist for going-out-of-business sales.

Another option is to get a bunch of lightweight display easels. These are probably going to be a lot more portable.

27-May-2015, 08:56
Another thought would be inexpensive folding screens,which would allow viewing from both sides. Would think they could be fabricated from hinged plywood or such like and then be folded and stored or moved when done using them.

Drew Bedo
29-May-2015, 16:05
Check with this club


They meet twice a month at a civic center and hold a print critique at one of them. Prints are just placed on tables and leaned against the wall . During the critique, each print is placed in an illuminated easel in turn and judged. Nothing could be simpler or cheaper. In years past they have held a public showing at the end of the year in one of Houston's public libraries. Also cheap.

29-May-2015, 18:03
Yeah if you want to display one print at a time for discussion, then Drew's suggestion - a single illuminated easel - is how most photo clubs I've seen do the print display.