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John C Murphy
25-Jan-2005, 09:14
More questions on the Toyo compendium shade for monorails:
How do you get your hand in to cock the shutter?
What are the differences between models?
How do you attach a filter?
Thank you.

Gem Singer
25-Jan-2005, 10:27
Hi John,

The Toyo compendium shade is fastened to the top of the front standard by means of a single knurled knob that holds a swivel bracket, two connecting rods, and the hood. The entire hood assembly can be flipped up, out of the way, while making shutter and aperature adjustments and then swiveled back down over the lens when you are ready to shoot.

Toyo compendium hoods are available in two models. A smaller sized one that fits the Toyo field cameras and a larger sized model for the Toyo monorails. Both types of hoods are identical, except for the size.

Round glass filters can be screwed directly onto the lens, in the usual way. Or, there are slots in the hood that allow square gel or plastic filters to be utilized in the compendium fashion.

Ralph Barker
25-Jan-2005, 15:19
Here's what it looks like when swung up and out of the way, John. Although this is on the smaller version for the Toyo field camera, the monorail-sized unit works the same way, as Eugene mentioned. The knurled knob on the hood side also allows the hood to be shifted forward on the two little rails. Sometimes that is sufficient to provide access to lens controls.

Note, too, that there are filter slots at both the front and rear of the hood. Gel or polyester filters slide in from the side. While very handy for these types of filters, the slots obviously won't work for filters like ND grads that need to be adjusted vertically.


Andre Noble
25-Jan-2005, 22:51
I think Lee filter holder/shades are better, more versatile.