View Full Version : Help me repair a Synchro-Compur #00

Seth Patterson
7-Nov-1999, 23:31
Hello, A little while ago I dropped my Schneider Super Angulon 90f/8, mounted in a very small Synchro-Compur #00 shutter. No visible damage incurred to the lens, but I noticed one of the shutter blades had fallen out of place. Soon they all fell out, I figured that the whole thing could not get any worse, so I dissasembled the entire shutter mechanism, miraculously replaced all of the blades and even more miraculously got it back together and working, well almost. It works when gravity is on the side that pushes down the "trigger-lever-arm": the arm that travels from the external shutter release to the wound spring and gear. I took half of the shutter apart again and stared at it for hours (no exaggeration), I can't find any place for a spring to go or any reason for this arm to work (other than gravity) My latest theory is that some essential part was magnetic and I nulled the magnetism while using magnets to hold pieces in place as I re-assembled the shutter. I know it's a long shot, but does anybody out there have one of these shutters who would be willing to take the front pieces off and find me some answers (It's a good excuse to clean the inside of your shutter!) Thank you