View Full Version : Treating cardboard? bellows on an Empire State

Gregory Kriss
24-Jan-2005, 10:39
On the 11x14 Improved Empire State view that Iím getting back into shape, the bellows is black and on the outside of the bellows the inside surfaces of each of the folds seems to be made of some sort of cardboard? material being held together by what looks like thin leather or leather like material on the outside corners of each of the folds. Normally I have treated my other cameraís all leather bellows with LEXOL leather conditioner. The bellows is light tight but a bit stiff. Is there any material that I can apply to this type of bellows to make it a bit more pliable? Iím pretty sure that the bellows is original, camera has seen little use.



Michael Roberts
29-Oct-2006, 14:40
Greg, did you ever figure out what to use on the bellows? I'm waiting on an Empire State 11x14 to be delivered, and it has the same problem--stiffness. I've read that ArmourAll is not good to use on the leatherette (though lots of people swear by it), but I haven't seen anything else recommended.

Glenn Thoreson
31-Oct-2006, 18:38
On a lot of my old cameras, I just use Lemon Pledge. Gently applied with Q-tips and/or cotton balls. I do NOT recommend Lexol on very old leather. I have had instances where it made the old, dry leather simply disintegrate.
Not good.

frank pinchak
7-Nov-2006, 10:11
I recently acquired an 11 x 14 Empire State camera. What lens will work with the very high front standard?
Can I try my 300 Wollensak as a wide angle?
Frank Pinchak fpinchak@yahoo.com